As Winter Comes, The Dodge Grand Caravan Delivers

As we roll into winter this January, that means a whole lot more outdoor activities. Getting out of the house to go skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating is the best - and you need a vehicle to get you around. The Dodge Grand Caravan is one family-focused vehicle that makes it easy for you to get around the mountain, so you can ski down it.

It's true that bigger vehicles consume more gasoline, and here at Weststar Chrysler Dodge Jeep we understand your interest in saving yourself money. With the Dodge Grand Caravan, you don't have to worry about saving fuel. Its fuel economizer saves money on gas without you having to do a thing. Same with the low rolling resistance tires - they save you money by making your drive a smoother experience.

If you're intrigued, then come down to Weststar Chrysler Dodge Jeep soon so you can test drive the Dodge Grand Caravan yourself.


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