What's That Puddle? Common Vehicle Fluid Leaks

Routinely checking your vehicle for leaks is a key part of a home maintenance program. At WestStar Chrysler Jeep Dodge, we strive to help you have the best experience driving and owning your new car. Understanding how to spot common fluid leaks will help you keep your vehicle running at optimum performance levels.

On humid days or hot days in Monahans, don't be surprised to find small puddles of water from condensation due to your vehicle's air conditioning. Dark brownish puddling beneath the engine of your car indicates an oil leak. Check the dipstick to confirm both the color as well as the current level of oil in your engine. Reddish puddling is caused by leaking transmission fluid; you may also notice a change in how your vehicle feels when shifting gears. Greenish, sweet-smelling puddles indicate a coolant leak.

Leaking fluids can create havoc so be sure to follow up immediately with your trusted automotive service professional.



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