How Far Can a Dodge Durango Go on One Tank?

Today's Dodge Durango amazes us at Weststar Chrysler Dodge Jeep. Of course, the mid-size SUV catches attention at our Monahans dealership, but we are captivated by the popular model's trip capacity. Surprisingly, you can drive more than 600 highway miles on one tank of gas in a modern Dodge Durango.

That figure corresponds to the model's standard engine. Even if you choose the optional HEMI power plant, you can cross 500 miles of highway before a fuel stop. Durango's automotive technology supplies these stellar scenarios.

Dodge's management system redirects excess heat into the Durango's engine. This recycled energy raises the horsepower and mileage produced through the powerful model's drivetrain. To further improve Durango's efficiency, Dodge supplies a nine-speed, automatic transmission. Think of the original SUVs' transmissions. They had about half the number of speeds, and they ran less efficiently. Durango's transmission technology helps it operate in a range that routinely produces smiles, even at the gas pump.


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