When the Ram 1500 is used during major construction projects, the engine, transmission, and other vital components help workers complete important tasks effectively and efficiency. Because this truck has practical gas mileage capabilities, it's an ideal vehicle for industrial towing and hauling projects.

If you're going to tow or haul bulky items while driving a Ram 1500, you'll appreciate that the truck has a solid braking system. As you mash the brake, the vehicle will stop quickly, as the entire system relies on a commercial-grade, four-wheel disc.

The Ram 1500 also has a steel frame that provides strength during hauling routines. If you place many heavy items on the bed, the truck will distribute the weight evenly, as the front frame has a hydroformed tubular design.

WestStar Chrysler Jeep Dodge offers test drives in the Ram 1500, so the process of experiencing how the truck operates on the road isn't a hassle. We serve locals in many neighborhoods and suburbs throughout Monahans, TX.

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